Mike Roberts Hand Picked Guitars & Vocals

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Upcoming Performances
February 6, 2014
Mike Roberts
Prairie Band Casino
  February 28, 2014
Blue Orleans
Frank James Saloon
Parkville, MO
March 9, 2014

Miss Major Trio
 Knuckleheads / KCMO

                     March 15, 2014
             TumbleWeed Wranglers
                   Cutter's / Eudora
                       April 9, 2014
                 Miss Major Trio
Knuckleheads / KCMO
                 April 19, 2014
         TumbleWeed Wranglers
            Cutter's / Eudora, KS
                 April 26, 2014
                  Blue Orleans       
   BBs Lawnside BBQ / KCMO
                 May 17, 2014
        Private Party / KCMO   
           May 24, 2014    
         Julie Major Trio
              Farmer's Market
               Overland Park
June 11, 2014
              Julie Major Trio
              Farmer's Market
                Overland Park
                June 21, 2014
              Julie Major Trio
            Cutter's / Eudora
                   July 3, 2014
               Julie Major Trio
              Farmer's Market
           Overland Park
                July 25, 2014
         Stone Pillar Vineyard
                   Olathe, KS
 *All Dates are subject to change

Just  Yer  Typical All  American  Boy  :
        Kansas City, MO  "Fresh Produce"  Songwriter Winner
Coors National Sponsorship & Touring & Recording Artist
John Deere Commercial Staff Guitarist / Songwriter
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"Songs You Never Hear"

Julie & Mike

things our fans write to us : deny everything & demand proof I just feel good so good can you jam out some more tunes I'll give you a hundred dollars for your guitar I love you guys & you know it the keys are in my pocket was that my birthday song Chevy van needs to be moved call me my name is Angel I can already tell you're going to have to turn it down pre-school teachers don't mind if it's messy get a mop thought you guys were a record sound board & lights go HERE let's try that again play Kung Fu Fighting I'd like to join the band follow the instructions you have a $90 tab play til one & we'll give you an extra room you need fog & a strobe free to get in three to get out I'll take legal fees in trade play Wisconsin you came you played you kicked the guitar player needs a haircut turn it down or we can hurt you financially play some Bruce Springfield last call now and I mean it !

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100 Degrees of the Blues

                               Photo Courtesy of Billy Pilgrim
"Stomp Yer Feet & Smile !"
         ~ Hank Williams

Opening for New Riders Of The Purple Sage
( Mike Plays Breedlove Acoustic Guitars  )

PRS Guitars !

Slidin' The Blues On the Sunburst Les Paul !

Let's Zydeco with Blue Orleans !

Solar Powered Jammin' At Wakarusa Fest 2008

Mike on the Fender J Bass !

Mike Takes Jimi With Him Everywhere !

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