Mike Roberts Hand Picked Guitars & Vocals

April28Slow RideMay5StonePillarVineyardMay6Dewey,OKMay13TannersNKC
June8MahaffieCenterOlatheJune9-10Smoky Hill River Festival
July5Merriam Farmer's MarketJuly8KnuckleheadsJuly20BBs Lawnside BBQ
July22OP Farmer's MarketAug12Merriam Car ShowAug18PleasantHill,MO
OPKSFarmer's MarketOct28StonePillarVineyard
Nov11Konrad'sDec1Private PartyDec21BBsLawnsideBBQ

 Just  Yer  Typical  All  American  Boy
   "Fresh Produce" KCMO Songwriter Winner
   Coors National Sponsorship Touring & Recording Artist
 John Deere Commercial Staff Guitarist / Songwriter

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"Songs You Never Hear"

things fans write : deny everything & demand proof I just feel good so good can you jam out some more tunes I'll give you a hundred dollars for your guitar I love you guys & you know it the keys are in my pocket was that my birthday song Chevy van needs to be moved call me my name is Angel I can already tell you're going to have to turn it down pre-school teachers don't mind if it's messy get a mop thought you guys were a record sound board & lights go HERE let's try that again play Kung Fu Fighting I'd like to join the band follow the instructions you have a $90 tab play til one & we'll give you an extra room you need fog & a strobe free to get in three to get out I'll take legal fees in trade play Wisconsin you came you played you kicked the guitar player needs a haircut turn it down or we can hurt you financially play some Bruce Springfield last call now and I mean it !

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                               Photo Courtesy of Billy Pilgrim
"Stomp Yer Feet & Smile !"
         ~ Hank Williams

Opening for New Riders Of The Purple Sage
( Mike Plays Breedlove Acoustic Guitars  )

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